Star Gas s.r.l.

Star gas srl is a modern firm that since 1980 designs and produces lpg conversion systems.

The first component entirely designed and produced by stargas was the cylindrical tank, made in several sizes. in 1989 stargas produces its first lpg reducer, which, through the years, became one of the more reliable on the market. in the same year, the company gets more involved in the whole feeding system, adding to its products also mixers, multivalves and lpg and petrol electrovalves.
In the 90’s, stargas starts planning and production of electronic components for system control, such as the series of petrol-lpg commutators with lpg level indicators and injection emulators. considering the last motor developments, and a far more sensible attention to the environment, stargas designs, first, a carburetion control system in closed loop, operating according to the data received from the lambda probe present in the silencer of newest cars, and then the latest sophisticated system for sequential injection.
These systems allows to respect the lowest emission limits imposed by regulations in force and guarantees as well the best motor performances. this line of products enables the conversion to LPG fuel of every kind of car (petrol fed) on the market.
thanks to eagerness and enthusiasm of its people, stargas has now successfully reached a good position on national market and, in the last years, on foreign markets as well.