The Èlios Gas ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is the electronic device that supervises all the control and management functions of each component of the system.
Some of the functions are described below:
a. It commands the functioning of the gas electro-injectors. The gas injection times are calculated by the gas ECU which receives them from the corresponding petrol injection times coming from the original ECU. Therefore, the gas ECU imitates the petrol ECU and realises the master/slave operation of the LPG system.
b. It interrupts and emulates the functioning of the original petrol injectors while the system is switched in gas mode. The petrol injectors must be interrupted to prevent petrol being injected during the gas functioning. The emulation is necessary because, otherwise, the petrol ECU would detect the interruption of the injectors and would recognize it as a malfunctioning.
c. It closes the gas solenoid valves (within a maximum time of 5 seconds) in case of accidental arrest of the engine. This safety function is called “Safety Car.”
The Èlios ECU is made using high quality components specifically designed for the automotive market guaranteeing full electromagnetic compatibility to the UNECE R67-01 and R10-03 standards.

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